Friday, May 29, 2015

six causes of migraine


Maybe we all already know that migraine is a type of headache that attack half of the head. Migraines can be triggered by several things, here are some causes of the symptoms of migraine as I quoted from Everyday Health: migraines in teens

Lack of supply of water into the body, may be one trigger of the arrival of the symptoms of migraine. Due to the lack of water can reduce blood flow to the brain, which then can cause headaches strike and disrupt the activities.

Excessive exercise
Excessive exercise, can also cause migraines. This is because, when someone is doing excessive exercise, the energy and body fluids will be drained.

Monthly guest this one could also be one of the triggers the arrival of migraine. Penyebabya because of the instability of hormones in the body during menstruation. Supply of vitamins and water can help ease it.

allow yourself to rely on a cigarette, does not give any advantage. That it happens, is health problems, one of which migraine. These symptoms are caused by the nicotine in cigarettes are not good for the blood vessels of the brain that can be narrowed, until clogged and cause headaches.

Alcohol consumption
One more thing that can trigger a migraine attack our bodies. Consumption of liquor or alcoholic beverages that can trigger the arrival of a migraine, because in addition to cigarettes, alcohol can also damage the brain, which can be characterized by the emergence of symptoms of migraine or headache. - See more at:

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