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migrain herbal leukimia

Migraine is one of the chief disease characterized by pain throbbing pulse and terjdi usually on one side of the head, although in some patients the pain over the whole head.

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Each patient experienced an attack that is different, including the sii head pain, double vision, pain pda back of the head, sensitivity to light, impaired speech, ringing in the ears, nausea, as well as, vomiting -muntah.
Cause migraine treatment options

The cause is not known for certain, but allegedly triggered inflammation or dilation of blood vessels.
Here are the herbs of professor Hembing to cure migraine pain

+15 10 gr gr ginger lemongrass boiled with water until the remaining 500cc 200cc, filtered water, then drink filtered water earlier in the warm.
5gr thumb ginger + 1 + 3 eggs cinnamon clove nutmeg + + 1 grain brown sugar to taste, boiled with water until the remaining 200cc 400cc of water, filtered, the water is drunk in warm.
Ginger powder to taste + 1 teaspoon granulated sugar 200cc brewed with hot water, mixed well, and drink warm.
Select one of the above recipes and drink regularly 2 times a day.
Besides using herbal medicine migraine of professor Hembing good we also consult a doctor for further examination.

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