Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fashion on the Street: Touch Black Elegant in appearance Companion EachVemale

Black dress is known to have the ability to give effect 'slim' on the body. Whether it superiors, subordinates or dress, black dress can always make the wearer look slimmer so. By using black clothes your body will look thinner than the original. Therefore, in general black dress every woman must belong.

Wearing black clothes is fun. Presenting the impression of a slim, mysterious and elegant at the same time. This time Vemale will present a row of friends Vemale kece outfit with a touch of black. Listen here yuk Ladies.
The black color is considered as a safe color to wear. Black is also included in the row neutral colored clothes that can be combined with any color. No wonder if every woman must have at least one black dress in their closet.
As with Vira who chose monochrome theme. kebaya pengantin muslim He also chose the cross-eyed boss Aesthetic Pleasure really. Women 23 years also gives a touch of black on her skirt that she bought in Bangkok. Zara black shoes he mix with a small shoulder bag purple Nine West. Do not forget to watch Aviator make it look elegant in black.
The black color gives the impression of a slim and elegant at the same time. Shown in black, in addition to making the body look too skinny to be beautiful face that makes you the center of attention.
Agnes chose a black dress from head to toe. With H & M black shirt, black pants Azsa by Exit, New Look shoes and black bag Zara. In order to complete his performance Agnes did not forget to wear accessories, bracelets and rings and watches Forever XXI Timberland. Although all in black but he is like not being willing to mourn instead? The secret is in the model of clothing and accessories that he chose Ladies.
Black is a neutral color that can be combined with any color matching. For example, just like women 27 years who chose black to he mix with striking colors.
Goddess chose a pink highlighter skirt H & M with a black top Promod. Wedges Chocolate Schubar did he choose to strap orange highlighter. To be more kece he completes outfitnya with a clutch that he bought in the Philippines with a touch of color that lights up. Not to forget that addition he wore his favorite Fossil watches.
Melissa is also very clever mix and match black with his collection. Black does give the impression of a slim, mysterious and elegant.
This year 23 women mix and match black with gray outer H & M and CropTop and black skirt New Look. Zara black shoes and a brown bag Michael Kors makes it looks more fashionable, Melissa ombre hair looks very eye catching and attractive.

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