Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Avoid Debt Demi Wedding


Marriage desperately need good preparation for the bride and groom. Moreover, in determining the need for funds is not small. Cheap Wedding Ideas

The funding requirements sometimes make the bride and groom must be willing to seek a loan by way of debt. However, if these measures fairly wise to perform a wedding?

Founder of Partners Education Plan Sutikno said Mike Rini, the bride must have the funding as well. So that, if it were insufficient budget allocated should reconsider plans to get married.

"The commitment of a family or open a new chapter. But still owe? Better to save first and adapted to the capacity of self. Do not get married, the money is not collected," said Mike told Okezone in Jakarta.

Mike explains, in carrying the wedding party should allocate funds bride party economically. So that financial conditions remain intact after the wedding.

"Therefore, the style of the wedding party over the ability of yourself. If that alone is not capable, meaning preparation is also not ready," he said.

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