Thursday, May 14, 2015

Decorative Accents for Modern Home Interior Design

Masmedia Blaubloom presents a new collection of decorative household products in the mixture of materials, shapes and colors under the premise of simplicity, functionality and beauty prevail.

This new collection is a mixture of materials, shapes and smells, without neglecting the simplicity, which is reflected in components of which makes its home in a quiet and peaceful place.Quaint and rustic combinations of natural materials in the style of a peaceful and carefree life. Stand light wood that fit perfectly with gray and white, and always welcoming environment with unique pieces made from recycled and recovered wood.

Projects breathe tranquility and simplicity through fabrics, small decorative wood, glass bottles and zinc accessories. A cool Scandinavian style breathing air with rustic materials and modern designs.Emphasizes the collection of recycled glass vases, glasses, bottles and bells in dusty, light green and soft blue-gray with a large number of different ways.

Without detracting Danish essence of rustic or vintage and some industrial strains, selecting the capture products for clean wood. Unlike the rest of the collection timber, particularly pastel shades.For outdoors zinc dominated by small objects which create cozy corners and lived.

Too masmedia presents its new collection of ceramics and fabrics in gray tones with different designs and messages. A selection of pieces that combine to dress breakfasts, snacks and special moments. Mix prints and shades of the same color when dressing table is extremely topical. Combine with other neutral materials such as glass, paper or wood is an ideal resource for creating harmonious whole. Plaid, stripes, messages smooth pieces that combined together create elegant and stream sets days.

For many, collecting cups of different breakfasts is a hobby for some, breakfast bowl is one of the most important items for a good start to the day and others, changing cup every day gives them a sense of modernity to start the day. For all these, too are an ideal model, all suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

To complete the look in gray and natural shades, showing much the heart of the textile collection of love and in combination with wood and glass.

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