Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Caring for Leather Bag

Leather bags are always elegant and enhance your appearance. With fun colors available, this time into a leather bag trends and best choice for active and fashionable women, including you. But, is said to care for leather bag is quite complicated and difficult, is that correct? Who among you are still having trouble taking care of your leather bag collection? Read these tips from WomanOnly intelligent, so keep your collection is beautiful, clean and ready for use at any time.

Wash Leather Bag
Washed leather bag is a stage which is considered the most difficult, because many of the rules that leather bag is not damaged when washed, such as:

  • May not use a clothes brush
  • May not use detergent
  • May not use hot water
  • Should not be exposed to direct sunlight

Therefore, following the right way and intelligent, washed leather bag:
Prepare soap and warm water, mix the two ingredients in a plastic bucket.
Remove all content items in your bag, along with fabric seat so that dust left in the bags come out.
By hand, basting bag with soap, then rub gently with a toothbrush children (or toothbrush with very soft fur).
Rinse 3-4 times with warm water, then the last rinse with cold water.
Winds in the shade and do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight.
Once dry, immediately spread the lotion Handbody rich moisturizer and water. [Break]

Saving Leather Bag
Storing leather bag also know there are rules!
Make sure the storage area is not too moist.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Keep away from heat source objects.

The correct way is:
After being washed, put in a plastic or cloth bag specifically so that the skin was not scratched.
Include all inside the bag camphor or water absorption.
Keep in closets storefront glass, so that the temperature is maintained.
After use, clean the dust bag and then repack it in bags / plastic before it is stored again.

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