Saturday, May 23, 2015

Careers in Business Finance

With the advent of the Internet, the world has moved rapidly towards a greater emphasis on global business and finance. Many business students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels now have the opportunity to specialise in international trade as part of the degree curriculum. Career in finance in international business can be profitable and attractive. Depending on the job, international finance career can lead to extensive traveling the world.
Careers with a Bachelor's degree in finance

Budget analysts

Budget analyst plays a critical role in helping businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations who put together, review, implement and monitor their budgets. They compile the data to make annual budget reports help managers find ways to reduce costs and improve profits.

Personal financial advisor

Also known as consultants or financial advisors, financial advisors help clients take investment decisions, plan their retirement and reduce their tax liability. Based on financial information of their customers and devise a plan to help them achieve their goals. They can also sell real estate, insurance, mutual funds or other types of investments if they get the proper license.

Careers in the field of financial mathematics

Risk management

As the risk manager, use math skills and statistics to evaluate and monitor the price risk inherent in the operations of a financial institution. Knowledge of capital markets products to help you work with traders, portfolio managers, and clients and allows to foresee a strategy of risk coverage. Focus on two types of risk: credit and market. Market risk derived from price fluctuations of securities. Methods such as VaR (value at risk) and the Monte Carlo simulation of the track of these risks. Credit risk arises from the contra-party-or-business partners-default and measured by the internal model.


Traders buy, hold or sell securities in the financial markets and make a profit from price changes. As a merchant, you can use a financial institution must choose an effect, or they can negotiate on behalf of clients. Fund company called trade business. Make a profit or loss on the transaction is recorded in the profit and loss statement of a company. Operator Assistant help you become profitable by applying mathematical tools to price securities and offers investment advice in real time.

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