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8 people famous picture

8. Rudy Santos

Twins experienced Parasites picture

Rudy Santos is the man who came from the Philippines. He suffered from a rare condition called craniopagus parasiticus or commonly known as Parasitic Twins. Condition very mengerikam Rudy Santos, in the pelvis and abdomen grows a pair of arms and legs are small. There are also a pair of ears and hair in the upper abdomen. The doctors who examined Rudy Santos states that disability occurs when Rudy Santos is still in the womb, where the body parts Rudy twin brother who died in the mother's stomach absorbed by Rudy. Rudy Santos is famous in the Philippines in the 70s to 80s where he followed a club featuring a strange people. At that time Rudy dubbed "Octopus Man", he became an icon of the club, he said he was getting money of 20 thousand pesos every show. But at the end of 1980 he disappeared and is known through life very poor for 10 years. In 2008 his name again emerged after two specialists claimed could cure. However unexpected Rudy even refused the offer because he thinks it is a gift from God that he should be grateful. Famous People Photo Gallery

7. Minh Anh
Experiencing child Skin Disorders

Minh Anh is an orphan who was born in miserable conditions. He experienced a skin disorder that menyebab skin peeled and shaped like fish scales. Team doctors declared abnormalities Minh Anh is the impact of Agent Orange, one of the chemical weapons in use by the US military in the Vietnam war. During pregnancy, maternal Minh Anh is one of the many innocent people are exposed to Agent Orange, and chemical weapons turned out to have an impact on Minh Anh who was then still in his mother's womb. Minh Anh name sticking in the world media when a woman who came from England named Brenda Smith made a documentary about Minh Anh. He recounted how bad life experienced by Minh Ank since birth, where he had to live in orphanages and struggling alone without parents and always in calling a Fishman by people over whom he derita.Saat disease is the story of Brenda and Minh Anh became an inspiration for many people, now every year for 3 months Brenda will stay with Minh Anh in the orphanage, and for 3 months was also he would entertain Minh Anh to carry it around the city on a motorbike. New Car Wallpaper Old, Classic & Vintage

6. Joseph Merrick
Lumps On Body Joseph

Joseph Merrick is one of the few humans are exposed Proteus Syndrome. A condition that causes the growth of large lumps on the body of Joseph. The growing lumps all over his body, including in the head Joseph. In addition, this syndrome causes the bone structure in which there are a few broken Joseph bone in place. Josep was born in England in 1836. By the time he turned 11 years old, his mother died and his father refused to take care of Joseph Merrick. It is of course forced Joseph to go away from home and fend for themselves against the rigors of life with a disabled body. But a little good fortune on his side, not some time he left home, he was recruited by a theater in London. Since then, his name quickly became famous throughout London, and did not take long, his name was already known to the whole world. Year after year he lived his life as a man known by the nickname "Elephant Man" until finally one morning in 1980 he was found dead. Death was caused by Joseph who want to try to sleep like a normal person, but unlucky, he was no longer able to breathe because the throat broken due to the weight of the head is too heavy.
5. Petero Byakatonda
Rare diseases

Petero was a child born in a remote village in Uganda. He was born with a physical form that is depressing because of a rare disease known as Crouzon syndrome. This syndrome occurs in about 1 in 25,000 births, but the syndrome that attacked Petero is the most extreme. This syndrome damage the structure of the skull that causes the eyeball Petero pushed out of their sockets, ears Petero also down, and it causes paralysis of the sight and hearing. In the developed countries, such as the birth of this can be minimized by taking corrective action as early as possible the structure of the skull. But unfortunately Petero not live in the developed world, but he lives in a remote village hundreds of kilometers from the hospital. Several years ago, one of the doctors have Petero in a miserable condition. Petero not live like children his age who spends his days playing, he instead spent a lot of time to shut himself up at home, the things he did because he was not accepted to join the friends of his age. Hence the concern of the doctor carries Petero to Austin, Texas to perform the operation. During the six months he underwent several surgeries and therapy. Petero has now recovered from his illness, he had been able to see and hear well. Now he has returned to the village and started living like children his age.
4. Jose Mestre
Malignant Tumor

Jose Mestre was born in Portugal in 1954. He exposed Malignant tumors were initially grown little in the mouth at the time he was 14 years old, not some time later the tumor enlarges to cover most of her face. With a tumor weighing 5 kg on his face, Jose Mestre suffered blindness in the left eye, he also has difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping, eating and doing other activities. And he lived with the tumor up to 40 years because he did not have the money to do that of course the operation will cost huge. In 2010, Jose received help from the government and sent to Chicago to perform surgical removal of the tumor. After conducting a series of operations, and now he has recovered a normal life with his family.
1. Dede Koswara
Dede Koswara is Indonesian people who suffer from a rare skin disorder Epidermodysplasia verruciformis or Lewandowsky-Lutz dysplasia which causes the sufferer overgrown giant warts all over his body, particularly the hands and feet, causing the appearance like a tree root. In 2008, Dede, dubbed as "Root Man" received treatment in the United States to remove the six kilograms of warts were lodged in his body. Originally a team of doctors will perform skin grafts on his hands and feet when all the warts had been lifted. But unfortunately, after making the appointment, it turns out that did not stop the growth of warts. Dede eventually be returned to Indonesia and is scheduled to undergo back surgery in 2011. But again, the operation failed and make physicians stated that Dede natural disease in incurable.
2. Mandy Sellars
Affected women Sindom Prateus
Mandy Sellars was a woman who was born in Lancashire, England on February 20, 1975. He was diagnosed with Proteus syndrome, a medical condition that is the same as experienced by Joseph Merrick. Proteus syndrome is known to be extremely rare and is only known to attack only 120 people from all over the world. The syndrome has led to the foot Mandy grow to be very large, a team of doctors who are involved in the effort said Mandy foot when it has a weight weighing 95 kg and has a circumference of not less than 1 meter. Due to the large foot, he spent $ 4,000 to make special shoes that fit with his feet, he also has a private car specifically designed to be steered with foot conditions like that. At the age of 28 years, he experienced a deep vein thrombosit that left him paralyzed from the waist down for about 6-8 weeks. After the incident, t last the doctors decided to amputate his left leg in order to prevent the disease from spreading into the body top. But you should know, behind all its shortcomings it is a woman with a B.Sc. in psychology from the University of Central Lancashire. all at the age of 19, he decided to go to college and live alone and live an independent life without being helped.

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