Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Decorate a Living Room on the Cheap

The living room is as comfortable as an old shoe and just a shabby. Not only "live" just because of the budget say a "makeover." We dated in the living room of the smart, curator of collections at the color of the jat, surprisingly, some of the new patterns of network traffic and the change of upholstery fabric, which seems more ambitious than he actually is.

Camouflage paint

Pick up your brush on the cheap and rapid transformation. Painting an accent wall to immediately change the color of the room, and a new shock to inspire you to customize other elements of the new configuration. Drag the color of a favorite blanket or clip Art-colorful Zigzag icing of the native American pot Turquoise is dramatically on the wall and the life of the wallpaper in the Southwest art finds. The more energy the main room with the color--in addition to a vintage anorak thermal lining: traffic-blue walls come to life when one of them is covered in a burnt orange. If you have an accent wall painted, put it in a gallery of still frames, cheap style and color-black and white-a collection of photographs or matted the image to show.

Your coffee table style

Something as simple as controlling goes on the table for coffee can make a dramatic difference in your living room looks. Beautiful silver plated tray with mirrored Park on the table and place it in a vase, a Crystal candlestick, a silver plaque of one flower, a glass snow globe and the Rose Quartz or found a bird's nest. "Knol" to arrest their organization knowingly taken things to a coffee table. Knolling is a technique, similar to the edge of the table, together with the objects or for the organisation of the 90 degree angle: the magazines stacked in exactly two inches from one corner; paperweight collection, arranged in a square to the opposite corner; Several of the characters on your journey in one of the table; your collection of opera glass in the middle. So long as the objects which are distributed evenly, and the location of the geometric similarity of grouped, their work.
To raise the daily life
You need to invest in new furniture in the living room a new look. "Buy" in the attic, closets, and toilets interesting topics to liven up space. Worn, hand-tooled cowboy boots along with a coffee table, several pairs of a lineup. Hang vintage garden tools, the previous owner of the House present in the extracts from the Bank. The painting of the old chest, and enter your new coffee table. The dining room rug to replace a sisal Mat and move the deck to the interview room. Sewing tabs at the top of the canvas dropcloths and uses them as curtains. Decoupage old paper map of the inside of the back panels of your shelves. Fill in the blank in the Firebox, decorative fireplace artfully stacked in a pile, an elegant coffee table books.

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