Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Abysmal Passion, Young Chinese Women Fondle Wax Statues

A history museum in Shaanxi Province, China which contains wax figure diorama indecent act digegerkan four youths who visited last week.
The fourth youth is not only breaking through the ropes diorama that should not be skipped. They simultaneously demonstrate obscene scenes on some wax statues of women.

Shanghaiist reported on Tuesday (12/5), photos of the action is less worthy of four young men spread in social networks Sina Weibo. Chinese citizens condemned the brazen tourists. Moreover, it is the sculpture which groped important figure in the history of women leaders of the Chinese revolution.

In the picture appears outstanding young man enjoying the weight of each ins and sculpture, ranging from kissing to squeeze the chest of the statue. Weibo users accused their pubescent teenager who could not restrain appetite.

Bamboo Curtain country authorities are now pursuing tourists brazen it. The lightest punishment is a ban on visiting any of the tourist attractions and museums.

So far there has been no report of arrest by the authorities. Action is also known from other visitors who upload photos obscene youths that responsibility.

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