Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Know Yourself, Tips Appear Beautiful Ala Andien Aisha Without ServicesFashion Stylist

For a superstar star, of course, in appearance should always interesting and beautiful. To that end, the superstar also need to use the services of a fashion stylist. As well as Agnes Monica, Titi DJ and so forth, they have a personal fashion stylist who can make their appearance more cetar.
However, who would have thought one of the best female solo singer Aisha Indonesia Andien apparently does not have a fashion stylist. Style and his taste in berfashion quite diancungin thumb. He was very clever mix and match clothes from top to bottom without having to use the services of a fashion stylist.
"I do not have any fashion stylist, I always pikirin my own style later how. Because I am so an interest in fashion and have friends as a designer, it is always quiet for me to perform my own style. If events like this when I wear what ya clothes and if singing on stage wearing what yes, it was my usual thinking about themselves, "said Andien when talking with Vemale few days ago in the area of ​​Jakarta.
In addition, Andien very aware deficiency in the body. This is what makes the smart find a solution how to cover up its shortcomings. Thus, the style Andien prefer each day while dressed not be separated from the impression of edgy, classic, sporty or vintage.

 "Actually for me the most important identify yourself, by recognizing ourselves we come to know, what should be sorted out. If you go to the store already identify themselves easily choose her clothes," he explained.
Returning singer is very fond of local goods rather than buy branded products but counterfeit. That's what makes him do not impose themselves in appearance.
"Must be able to mix and match all the goods, if there is a good brand I buy than I bought fake branded goods mending local. Local Goods now has a lot of creativity and ga too much to wear, too, of the price of 10 thousand to 10 million could I mix and I match at the agency, "said Andien.
For Andien although this time he did not need the services of a fashion stylist, the most important moment is confident fashion wear. When out of the house with a fashion worn out adjustment course of the people who see your appearance.
"The latter must be confident, if just follow trends but her uncomfortable ga comfortable, doing well. From the way the carriage alone," concludes Andien.
Well, that's how Andien wear fashion that fits and make him more attractive. Basically, anyone can perform cross-eyed and attractive without having to use the services of a fashion stylist. Enough identify yourself and appear confident it is, it already can make you more kece every day. :)

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