Friday, May 8, 2015

Choosing a motorcycle Camera

On board cameras area unit a preferred accent for bike enthusiasts world over. Modern, light-weight HD cameras permit riders to capture footage of their ride, that they'll know time and time once more. whether or not you like to ride on the road or within the mud, the subsequent cameras area unit ideal accessories for creating those lingering rides, lingering.

GoPro HD HERO2 Motorsport Edition

As the name suggests, the GoPro HD HERO2 Motorsport Edition has been designed with motorsports in mind. This camera comes complete with a variety of mounts and accessories specifically designed to be each wearable and kit mountable, that means it's the maximum amount reception on your helmet because it is on your handlebars.

The HERO2 Motorsport package comes complete with a innovative GoPro HD2 action camera - one in every of the simplest HD (high definition) video cameras on the market on the market nowadays. The camera boasts full 1080p recording (the very best quality available), a a hundred and seventy degree wide angle lens, eleven megapixel still image capabilities and even the choice to record at sixty independent agency (frames per second) at 720p, that is good for post-ride writing.

As well as various mounting hardware, the box includes Waterproof Housing, Associate in Nursing HD Skeleton Backdoor, a chargeable battery likewise as motorsport-specific accessories, as well as a Suction Cup Mount, a J-Hook Buckle and three Flat Surface Adhesive Mounts.

For a motorsport-specific camera that you simply will use straight out of the box, look no more than the GoPro HD HERO2 Motorsport Edition.

Drift HD

This action camera is that the newest addition to the Drift vary and boasts options by the truckload. The Drift is little, light-weight and may be kit mountable or wearable. just like the GoPro higher than, the Drift will record fully HD and conjointly captures top quality stills, albeit at a rather lower nine megapixels. It conjointly features a a hundred and seventy degree wide angle lens and offers 720p recording at sixty independent agency.

A major advantage of the Drift is that features a inbuilt color screen, that is nice for lining up shots and enjoying back footage whereas out on the track, or on the road. It conjointly comes with a wireless remote, that permits you to record and pause the camera while not having to unmount it from your bike or helmet.

The Drift HD comes with three mounts - a helmet mount, a head strap and a universal clip. whereas the Drift is not a 'motorsport specific' camera, the accessories enclosed area unit universal and enough to urge you started. Any further mounts may be purchased singly, with some must-have accessories as well as the Drift bar mount and Suction Cup Mount.

The Drift HD is little, light-weight and wealthy in options. the flexibility to create} your kit from the bottom up making it a good camera for any bike enthusiast and its color screen is a superb, distinctive addition.

Replay XD 1080

The Replay XD is vastly popular bike enthusiasts, thanks to its token size, sleek bullet-like style, easy usability and ample list of options.
It may be smaller than the GoPro and therefore the Drift, however, the Replay still offers full 1080p HD recording. It conjointly possesses a one hundred thirty-five degree fisheye lens, five megapixels still image capabilities with Associate in Nursing automatic ikon timer mode and 720p recording at thirty or sixty independent agency.
The biggest advantage of this camera is its size and weight. Its bullet form makes it ideal for helmet or bike mounting and it weighs simply eighty-five grams, that means it goes just about unheeded, where it's mounted.
The Reply HD comes with lots of goodies within the box, as well as a HeimLock adjustable mount, a LowBoy mounted mount, a pair of Flat Base VHB Snap Trays and sinuous Base VHB Snap Trays.
For riders WHO like their kit light-weight, however conjointly need high performance, the Replay XD is quite a worthy purchase.
Each of those cameras has their own blessings over the others, however, ultimately they are all pretty much as good as one another. once shopping for a bike camera, you ought to raise yourself however and wherever you are going to use it and base your call on the foremost acceptable model for the task at hand. Once the laborious call is out of the method, it's simply a case of touch record and enjoying your ride!

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