Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chocolate Living Room Furniture

Chocolate living room furniture

If you want your home to a New York City Hotel, the exquisite and modern mysticism, so think twice about using Mocha, cocoa, and chocolate with dark chocolate brown hue of the premises design. Deep brown colors are luxurious and elegant, so the living room ornaments should also describe the refined and design work that is sure to please. Decorate a living room living room design, which are brown creates attractive men and women.

Chocolate Mint color scheme living room ideas & Brown

Interesting color scheme, the home is chocolate brown, mint green. Except that you're hungry for mint chocolate chip ice cream, this color scheme is relaxing and it alludes to the colors in the wild. If you are thinking about something else, living room furniture ideas, then try this color combination.

[caption id="attachment_651" align="aligncenter" width="300"]chocolate living room furniture chocolate living room furniture[/caption]

1. The walls are
Paint the walls either chocolate brown or Mint green for an instant makeover. If the room is very small, but there you can get away with a dark brown paint. This can make the room feel even smaller.
2. Furniture
Green furniture may seem a little out of date; Therefore, the color of the system, it is better to stick to the furniture. Buy a Brown love seat or the brown sofa and two chairs in Brown. Cream or brown walls, are the coin of the color of the window treatments.
3. Is the pressure
Make the room pop accessories. Buy or make some Mint green accent pillows on the sofa and chairs to throw. Buy a mint green Ottoman to match the pillows.

How to make chocolate brown & living room blue

At first glance it seems to be a chocolate brown and blue color scheme living room gives a little bit of a change. However, you can join several blue chocolate brown range from palest blue green shade of blue a deeper shade. In addition to the living room with white walls and a chocolate brown and blue accents throughout the special looks different than a lot of light shades of blue, and dark brown shades. A good plan, and to keep the Bulletin Board, or check out the book of models, fabrics and pieces that inspire you, in order to ensure a balanced and well furnished room.
1. Visit the hardware or department store, and learns of the Brown and blue there in the various shades of the color of the cell. chocolate brown, medium to dark range is very dark, so this is probably the darkest color in the palette.
2. Assemble several different colored strips of varying degrees of the Blues and tones. Chocolate brown normally turned on and also to make a lighter shade of blue, but the brighter and medium-dark blues is suitable for a small accent pieces, or if the global palette, if you want to use a Brown accent instead.
3. In the color you want to paint the walls. The color of the accent wall in the opposite side of the color selected for the capital Region, or to keep the walls white, and go to the blue or brown trim too little splash of color is Black and White Living Room Furniture.

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