Monday, May 25, 2015

Kid’s Bedroom Color Ideas

Kid’s bedroom color ideas - In my seminars about "Colors on sale" I wonder what a certain color for a participant’s. G. How does yellow on you? I get the answer immediately. In yellow, the statements contain mostly the following words: invigorating, Merry, exhilarating, powerful, expanding or even disturbing, aggressive all these words describe emotional sensations, and make it clear throughout that colors directly affect our feelings; They describe not only the experiences of Visual art.

Color in the sale: energetic and fresh

A color effect can cause nervous or relaxed feel that we want to move, or rather sit-down, that we are happy or more printed. That we have appetite and eat more that we really have fun to buy something new The colors we do not drop certainly in a feeling of indifference, at least not the right colors.

Color in the sale: light and spring

In sales, it is especially important to understand what influence has colors on buyer behavior. Colors bring the feelings decisively in the game. If the seller has a good, warm relationship with his customers, is it easily fall him, well to advise the customers, and purchase to complete. But to build such a relationship takes a while. Often not enough time for such a development Colors, however, immediately open the heart, and favor a warm contact with the customer. That's right! Colors affect faster than words, graphics, and forms.

Color in the sale: powerful and dominant

The retail has to suffer from difficult trading over the Internet. While the retail sector has a much more effective tool than the Internet: the emotional effect of the colors. The immediate contact with the colors is possible only in the real world. Under this aspect of the sales is still: "we make purchasing decisions mostly emotionally, then we justify buying with the intellect". And just the colors affect us emotionally.

Color in the sale: elegant and subtle

We perceive the colors with the eyes, but as soon as they are processed by the brain, influencing the feelings. This physiological process takes a fraction of a second; so fast, that we can not consciously control the effect. Therefore, it is important psychologically to understand colors.

Of course, each color has a positive and a negative effect: E.g. yellow - positive it is exhilarating, negative but troubling. A color is harmoniously integrated, but as it always superficially positive effect. What should be the effect? What color is suitable? These are the essential questions, provided to create a suitable atmosphere.

At every step, puts the customer in the shop, the colors are. You want that customers wander relaxed through a delicate environment, impressed go through a noble institution, or to quickly move through a vigorously decorated room, and quickly make their purchasing decisions? You can control this with the right colors.

Do you want that your customers are always surprised because everything is different, there is so much new to see, (they think), because you have created a different mood of color, and make this seem refreshingly new everything? That can cause you again without additional costs, by new Kid’s bedroom color ideas combinations.

The influence of colors on the feelings is so great, is always unconsciously. Therefore, it is important to have deep knowledge about the effects of colors for retail.

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