Sunday, June 28, 2015

Types of sports to shrink Belly quickly and safely

Types of sports to shrink Belly quickly and safely
For some people having a belly is a big problem because it owned was able to inflict embarrassment and make doesn't feel comfortable when about to go by selecting the clothes a little sexy. Pakian that you can use is pakian-pakian that can cover your belly. In addition to allegedly disrupting your appearance, how mengecilakan belly also indeed sangan Vex and requires extra sacrifice. There are many things that can be the cause of belly in a day – the day.

1. Walking or running

With familiarize themselves with walking or running it wouldn't hurt the most important is you're moving even though you move is your legs and not your stomach, but at least you're willing to move. Little by little the calories there are in your body will burn. So instead of fat on the stomach will shrink but other parts of the body will also join the shrink and can make your body more and lean. Not to mention this is a type of sports sports yan is very easy to do.

2. Sit ups

Sit ups will help you to shrink your belly, if you are not able to do it alone then you can request the assistance of another person to hold your legs while you are trying to pull the body forward. Sit ups will make on your stomach muscles getting firmer and reduce your belly a little by little.

3. Back Up

Now, if movement of backing up is the opposite of the shit up, diamana we do it while tengkurap and the upper body moves up and down. You can also ask for the assistance of another person to hold your feet to make it easier in doing so.

4. Vertical Leg Crunch

The sport is almost similar to Ball Crunch and also sit ups, but here you have to lift your legs up high during the draw your utbuh to the fore. First you must lie with the hands behind the head. Then lift up the foot and silangkan into the air. Next head and shoulders should remain stuck to the floor. During the leg in the air, pull your body forward and repeat a few times your best.


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