Thursday, June 25, 2015

Here's 7 Easy Tips To Prevent Osteoporosis In Women Bone

"Osteoporosis" often or maybe you've never heard this term in your life. Laymen call osteoporosis the symptoms of bone loss when age began to mature and ripen. The women and men are equally susceptible to osteoporosis. Even so, women have the greatest risk of experiencing problems such bone loss. Preventing osteoporosis early, of course, to be conducted from now on. So, what are the tips to prevent osteoporosis in women ... ???.
Bone is the most important part to support the human body. However, with age increasing, gradually undergo bone loss and lead to brittle bones.
Especially women who started at the age of 30 years should begin real steps to maintain healthy bones. Regular exercise or physical activity and consume food that takes the bones must be your daily menu.

Here are 7 Tips to Prevent Osteoporosis in Women Bone:

Fulfill Needs Calcium. There are many different types of foods that contain calcium such as low-fat milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables (spinach, mustard greens), sardines and cereals. With inadequate calcium needs, it can prevent your bone loss.

Fulfill Needs Vitamin D. Vitamin D is used to assist in the absorption of calcium needed by your body. Morning sun is a source of vitamin D. Other sources of vitamin D are fish (salmon, tuna), eggs and yogurt.

Weight control. In this case, keep your body weight within the recommended or proportional. This is because a person who is too skinny at risk of bone loss or osteoporosis is greater. Consult your doctor about appropriate weight proportional your age.

Stop From Smoking. According to researchers from the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, smoking habits at great risk to a person exposed to fracture easily. So start a healthy lifestyle by avoiding bad habits such as smoking.

Begin Exercise Routine. A highly recommended exercise to strengthen bones that lifting pilonidal abscess weights or walking. While the time required to perform the activity which is about 30 minutes each day.

Reduce consumption of caffeinated beverages. Beverages containing caffeine in excessive amounts can lead to easily broken bones of old age. So from that, it helps you reduce the consumption of coffee and beverages that contain caffeine in it.

Start Doing Yoga. Exercise that focuses on breathing and body flexibility it was able to increase bone density in some parts of the body such as hips and back area.

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