Saturday, June 6, 2015

Not Only Heart Disease, Other Triggers That Sudden Death

Health experts Panti Wilasa Doctors Hospital Semarang Cipto Dr. Yoseph Chandra M. Kes said that excess cholesterol content in the body can lead to sudden death.

"High cholesterol is a 'silent killer' or hidden killers that often unconscious, a high content of cholesterol in the body is often not perceived, but a deadly impact," he said.According to him, the excess cholesterol accumulates in blood vessels will make the channel narrows, continue narrowing, until finally clogged blood vessels that can cause sudden death."If you are experiencing a narrowing of vessels carrying blood to the heart can cause coronary heart disease, if the blood vessels in the brain causing a stroke, paralyzed half of the body, and sudden death," he said. Kesehatan Ibu hamil.Therefore, he said, the levels of cholesterol in the body must be checked regularly and should not be underestimated, high cholesterol not only attacking the fat people, skinny people because of high levels of cholesterol can.In addition, he said, people should also be aware of the content of excess blood sugar that causes diabetes and hypertension which can lead to heart failure due to high blood pressure makes the heart work harder.
"Therefore, the examination of blood sugar levels and blood pressure also becomes a package with a cholesterol screening at the event. The number of patients who want to check cholesterol free until today about 270 people," said Joseph.

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