Monday, June 8, 2015

How to Take Care of Your Knitting Goods?

Craft with knitting techniques are now starting a trend in society. Bags, clothes, hats, scarves, and various accessories such as bracelets, brooches, key chains and various fashion products resulting from the thread knot technique was very popular, although the price is not cheap. Esklusivitas knit goods that rely on manual skills and unique pattern make this stuff has added value in looking for alternative combinations.
Community-made knit shoes Rajuters Solo. In addition to unique, much-loved knit goods for authenticity and exclusivity.
Miftahul Nurul Jannah, Chairman of the Community Reuters Solo who have decades of experience in the world of yarn and needles or this happen share some tips on caring for knitted goods.
"What is clear is that the knit goods enemy of dust, so the very first tips that should be considered by anyone who has knitted goods, to always keep her knitting when unused goods against dust," said Nurul which also sells knitted with this brand Rajut NJ.
Second, if exposed to dust, do not jump washed. If still not too dirty, can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer cold, he added. However, if it is dirty, it is washable knit goods. The trick, knit goods dip into the water that has been mixed softener or fragrance alone, the use of detergents is allowed, but not in the frequency that is too often.
In addition to items such as bags, too, shirts, knit goods simplest is the bracelet. To care for knit items have special tips that are not easily damaged.
The use of the washing machine is not recommended. Soaked briefly then squeezed gently, after previously rinsed if using detergent. "Do not be like squeezing wash normally, as this may damage the texture of the yarn," said the mother of one child, smiling.
The next step, be dried by aerated, not exposed to direct sunlight because it can lead to fading of yarn. And when drying, should not be hung on a hanger or drying clothes, because a load of water on the knit material can change the model. So do not be in contact with direct sunlight and do not hanged, but placed on a flat course, the point should not be hanged.
In the wet state is also the parts that have been stretchy knit items can be "corrected" by means of the reconstituted if there is an asymmetrical collar or sloping bottom of the shirt can be drawn to be readjusted shape.
"Finally, after dry, if not used, stored in a dry place and it was, do not get exposed to dust. In conclusion, it is important knitting treated gently and carefully. But do not be afraid to wear it, not because of caution continues to be used.

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