Monday, June 8, 2015

Know Your Guitar Technique String Skipping On

Mengenal Teknik String Skipping Pada Gitar


String Skipping is a technique in which the guitar playing in the gitar kapok play performed rakaian tone jump or pass through one or more strings. Easily if we pluck the notes on the guitar strings or string of number 1 and then immediately plucked guitar notes on the strings or string number 3 and so on, so that the string number 2 passed.


In accordance with the name it is called Skip itself is a word of English which, if interpreted is skipped, so grammatically this technique can be regarded as a skip strings. This technique can be done for electric and acoustic guitars, and few guitarists that we think most often use this technique is Paul Gilbert as he demonstrate the interlude or a guitar solo on the song Anything for You (Mr.Big), as well as John Petrucci as an example when he created the song interlude for Erotomania (Dream Theater), and others.


Such techniques generally can also be combined with the technique of picking, tapping and arpeggio (a technique where the broken chord notes-notes, and played or plucked notes one by one as the melody). String Skipping also can be regarded as high-level technique because it has a more difficult level when compared with other types of guitar technique, let alone played with fast beats.


To get the hang of course very requires patience and exercise routine in order to get good accuracy, so that played a very clear tone of his voice in the play String Skipping technique. Besides, in addition to the accuracy of power is also needed in playing this technique, because arguably String Skipping one draining techniques.


If you want to learn a few licks String Skipping following Tabulature lesson that you can try, as finger exercises at home.


Picking String Skipping


Tapping String Skipping (Of ​​Sins and Shadows- Symphony X by Michael Romeo)


In addition to the above two types of licks of course you have to look for more lesson-a lesson other String Skipping, and look for a few licks from guitarist highly reliable in playing this tekni like Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci, Nuno Bettencourt, Michael Romeo and so on other

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