Monday, June 29, 2015

How Style Short Hair

How to Style Short Hair

Thinking of losing that extra hair and going for a short hair men like haircut? Before you shed that excess hair, do your homework and find a style that will suit your hair and face. Here are some tips for choosing a short haircut that's perfect for you. See also popular medium length haircut.

Short Black Hair Hairstyles

Curly or straight textures work well with short, black hairstyles. Naturally or chemically straighten hair looks best when it is full of body and bounce. Add volume to the top of the head with slightly feathered curls.

Short, curly hairstyles can be considered for any facial shape. Cut naturally curly hair along the ear line and style with hair mousse. Accessorize with hair clips and head bands to push the hair away from the face. For hair that isn't naturally curly, use setting lotion and curling rods to achieve curls. Saturate freshly washed hair with the setting lotion before rolling the hair in 1-inch sections.
Sit under a hooded dryer until the hair is completely dried. Unroll the hair and style with your fingers. You can have the hair frame the face in a mass of untamed curls or push the hair away from the forehead with hair clips.

How to Style Short, Frizzy Hair

Wash and condition your hair with a shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair. Towel dry. You can also use a leave-in conditioner.
Measure a dime-sized amount of shine serum in your palm, rub your hands together to emulsify and distribute throughout your hair. Use a comb to ensure the product is distributed evenly. Fill your palm with mousse and work well through hair.
Blow dry your hair on a medium or low heat setting using a diffuser attachment. Roll hair up with the round brush and pull smooth while pointing the blow dryer at that section of hair. Repeat until all hair is dry.
Spray hair with heat protection spray, then put your flat iron on a medium heat setting. Only the coarsest hair types can handle high heat.
Work with 2-inch sections at a time and pull hair through flat iron. You can bend the ends while you straighten to give them a flip or curl under. If you prefer a blunt look, just run the iron straight down the length of your hair. Spray again with protection spray.
Side parts work well with short hair and can create the illusion of bangs. Clips or headbands can dress up your look. Finish entire look with hairspray.

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