Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The position hoped Help BWF World Championships 2015

Central Board Indonesa Badminton Association (PBSI PP) hoping to profit point of view hint for the implementation of the BWF World Championships 2015, which will admit place in description to August 10 to 16 in Jakarta. Currently they claimed to have been in force upon.
Deputy Secretary General Ahmad Budiarto PBSI told reporters in Bogor, Friday (02/20/2015), said that if they expect admin information could lid 30 percent of the world championship organizing expenses, which amounted to USD 15-20 billion.
"Yes, realistically, we can get sticking to of 30 percent of it is pleasant. The amount does not adding the cost of our participation in the" bidding "of 3,000 US dollars, which will go into the BWF as a sign," he said.
Hope to benefit in the to the front from the admin is every one large following the constraints upon the level of world championship is the organizer can not sell "title" championship belongs to the BWF. Up, although the panpel lead sponsors, but it is every pension of not going to be the main sponsor.
"That's the rules of the BWF. In contrast to the super series tournament level, the rules are more stringent for the world championship. We can not realize the main sponsor, because it ditakle by BWF, the unaided co-sponsor it. That's why we have secrecy determining the percentage of allowance, showing off to intervention hard to understand say from several parties, "said Ahmad.

Although it was familiar of the profundity of finding supplement sponsors, but according to him, it must continue preparations. Given the election of Indonesia to host the World Championships is not easy. Because, Indonesia must compete gone China joined to bidding, and ultimately win was unaided by a margin of one vote at the era of voting.
"One who made us win is because we put talk to fairplay and peace. It was the one we sell and become key concepts. In fact behind bidding, China offers twice the cost of participation is more than us. So it's an pretend to have a pedestal for us should. Given , has long been Indonesia not to host the World Championship. It is in addition to one of our efforts to lift our badminton, "said Achmad choice.
Some times ago, Event Director Badminton World Federation (BWF), Darren Parks made a visit to Jakarta, to review the Palace of Sports (Sports Stadium) Senayan, which is a candidate for the World Championship venue in 2015.
Although he considered as a place of pretend Sports Stadium has been considered omnipotent, but yet there are things that should be unmodified in accordance considering the standards of the BWF. Because the World Championship by default will be much on summit of the level tournaments such as the Indonesia Open Super Series.
"There are yet a lot of homework to realize. Istona indeed one of the" iconic "venue for badminton tournament title, is famous for its look menyekam correspond for the artiste. But, the main challenge is precisely because the infrastructure is owned by utterly outdated. He was asked panpel to rapidly carry out the renovation, "he said at the time.
Senayan itself was inaugurated in 1962 in conjunction behind the implementation of the Asian Games in Jakarta. Sports Stadium considering a gift of four badminton courts as soon as the size of 49 mx 22 m, considering a 13 room gift, gain three VIP rooms, 8 bathrooms (4 public toilets and 4 in the dressing room). Sports Stadium itself was twice appointed as the venue organizing BWF World Championships, namely in 1980 and 1989.

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