Sunday, April 26, 2015

Computer Virus

Virus longer-virus again, this is a disease of antiquity that will always be there until later even with increasingly sophisticated technology and dangerous. But despite any sophisticated, is actually a virus that can attack our computers mostly are from inadvertence WE or Lack of vigilance us. We are less cautious against the danger of computer viruses that attack us because most viruses it does not reveal itself significantly that he was a virus, but more often manifest themselves in the form of an icon shaped like a word document file, folder, and so on. So we think it's not a virus, and when we run a virus tersebutmenyebarlah file to our computer. There are even some of my friends who often really exposed to a virus on his computer, a virus that attacks the virus sometimes also the same as he had previously been exposed to it.
What Is indeed characteristic of the Indonesian nation huh? Less able to learn from the experience of the same. Often fall in the same hole over and over again. Is this not a folly? .. When we are often really gets disasters such as earthquakes, floods etc. but until now there has been no significant reduction of the disaster so that every time there is a disaster will inevitably result in heavy casualties. Here are some tips that may be useful to anticipate the arrival of the virus for home computer users.

  1. Always be wary of unknown files. If your computer or on the flash disk finds files that are not known, let alone strange name immediately delete the file, although the file looks tempting and provoke our curiosity. 
  2. Create your windows explorer displays all files whether hidden or not including the extension name. This is because the virus often hides itself and displays the original file that seems innocuous guises and when the file is executed will call the original file, in addition VIRUS DECEIVING target TOO OFTEN SO THAT REGULAR WITH CHANGING THE ICONS WE KNOW like word icon, icon etc folder. whereas when we see the file name turns bereknstensi * .exe. The trick is: Open Windows Explorer, select the menu Tools-> Folder Options, go to the View tab Check the boxes for Show Hidden files and folders.Hilangkan tick the Hide extensions for known file types and the Hide protected operating system files, and then click OK. After that create explorer view into detail by right clicking view details. 
  3. Create multiple partitions on your computer, a foolish if we make our computers have only one partition on C: \ (except if the hard drive is insufficient, such as old school computer that only has 1 GB). Partitioning your hard drive into sections of at least two partitions ie C: \ and D: \, store all your data on a partition other than C: \ and use the C: \ just to put the programs that we install. It aims if one day your computer is damaged and need to reinstall, then your data will not be lost due to formatted or installed only partition C: \. I assume you've all been able to partition the drive, if one can not simply ask, 4JJI willing, I will post. Anti-virus 
  4. Update continuously, according to the recommendations, a minimum of 2 weeks we must be diligent antivirus updates. This is because the virus every day always appear new virus so we must also be diligent fortify our computer. While I am quite satisfied with the Symantec AntiVirus because it is quite mild compared to other antivirus such as McAfee and Norton and reliable enough to cope with the virus. There is also the PCMAV antivirus locally made, but updates each month with the same PCMedia magazine. There are also outside the existing antivirus support from the local Norman Anti Virus which gets support from Vaksincom.
  5. Do not like to install programs that are not well known. Sometimes we often get information freeware programs are good. If we did not ever know him, be careful because sometimes in these programs are spyware and the like. 6. Be sensitive to changes in kompute r us. We must use the woman's feelings if you want to computing (she said she felt women peka.hehehehe). So any changes that occur on a computer, we must be vigilant, cautious and alert, lest our computer exposed to the virus without our knowledge. For example, the computer becomes slow Abis, sometimes hang themselves, etc. (also often hang my computer, but the cause because the hardware is hard, knowing old school computer, purchasing resale again, knowing the strength still buy this hour. Ihik-ihik-ihik, aids dong If you connect to the internet , there are additional: 
  6. Update your Windows too, will not be so influence also when we install a good firewall, antivirus, etc. cool but it turns out we mushy operating system. Update your windows also periodically because the windows OS has some dangerous loopholes updated if do not want our computers to experience things that are not desirable. 
  7. Minimize use Internet Explorer for browsing. It is common knowledge if the IE browser is very vulnerable. It is better to use Firefox or Opera for browsing safer and faster. 
  8. Do not like opening UnderGround sites and pornography, because a lot of underground and pornographic sites are menyisipi spyware or malicious programs. If it had wanted to access such sites, for example uhntuk find crack or the other, avoid using IE, use Firefox or Opera.
  9. Be careful when chatting. Sometimes while chatting, we got the ad to visit certain sites or invite to a particular channel. Do not mind them. 
  10. Be wary of emails that we do not recognize. Often we get emails from people who are not known by the subjects that arouse such as winning the lottery several hundred dollars, or hot photos of a particular artist, or an invitation to participate in a particular program. It was all bullshit. Ignore them and immediately mark it as spam! 

The tips above are expected to at least be used to anticipate the presence of viruses or malicious programs entered into our computer, may also tips above is still incomplete because I just wrote that was on my mind at the moment. If anyone wants to add, monggo please me very happy. Anticipation we have done, if indeed there are viruses that enter into our computer, it is beyond our ability and we are forced to accept this, do not bother too, if it is annoying and malignant virus.

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