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Blood Diseases Diagnosis of Leukemia In Children

 Leukemia (blood cancer) is a type of cancer that attacks white blood cells produced by the leukemia cancer blog bone marrow (bone marrow). Bone marrow or bone marrow in the human body produces three types of blood cells including white blood cells (serves as the immune system against infection), red blood cells (function to bring oxygen into the body) and platelets (small portion of blood cells that help blood clotting process )

Leukemia is generally appear in person since the days of his, bone marrow without obvious cause has been known to produce white blood cells do not develop normal or abnormal. 
Normally, white blood cells to reproduce again when the body needs it or no room for the blood cell itself. The human body will give you a sign or signal a regular basis when blood cells are expected to be re-reproduction.

In the case of leukemia (blood cancer), white blood cells do not respond to the sign or signal given. Finally, the production of excessive uncontrolled (abnormal) will exit the bone marrow and can be found in the peripheral blood or peripheral blood. 
The number of abnormal white blood cells that is when excessive can what causes leukemia cancer disrupt the normal function of other cells, A person with this condition (leukemia) will show some symptoms such as susceptible to infectious diseases, anemia and bleeding.

For mendiaknosa children who have symptoms of leukemia, the doctor will check the medical history beforehand. Tests performed on children to mendiaknosa leukemia and identify its type. Following the initial phase of the test in question:

Blood Tests
This test is performed to measure or count the number of blood cells and see how your cells are seen.
Bone marrow test
And decision-making bone marrow cells in the body do to further detect the presence of leukemia. This test is usually taken from the pelvic bone.
Checking the spine that is intended to examine the extent of the spread of leukemia cells in the fluid that bathes the brain and has been the spinal cord.
A pathologist examines the cells that had been taken from a blood test using a microscope. 
He also examine cantoh from the spinal cord to determine the formation of blood cells and fat cells.

The tests that have been discussed a series of initial tests should be undertaken of patients with suspected leukemia. Several other tests may still be served to detect the type of leukemia that affects children. In addition, the results of tests, the doctor will be able to conclude treatments such as what might be required.

Some tests may be repeated practice to see the child's reaction to the medication. Indeed, in the face of this disease takes patience..

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