Friday, April 17, 2015

Price Drum in Soil Red

The drum is a percussion instrument like a drum made of animal skin and has a variety of sizes. Drum is usually used to indicate the time of prayer before adzan, drum regular use of the cow, buffalo, goat, and camel. We usually encounter drum hung in mosques, temple, and mosque Nor Buddhist Temple. drum historically introduced by Admiral Zheng He who is given as a gift to the King of Semarang. In Indonesia drum are often found in places of worship of Muslims who use Java architecture.
Harga bedug di Tanah abang depending big brother usually small and drum-making material. The drum can be made from a large drummber that was given hole in the middle and covered with animal skins, but there are also drum that frozen material from the barrel above and below the lid was removed and then covered with animal skins.
Seller drum usually begin to hold merchandise when entering the fasting month of Ramadan this since the dawn wake tradition with housing estates and villages around while beating the drum.
Drum is also used when traveling at night Idhul takbir al-Fitr and Adha Idhul, for the price drum made of goat skin and frame edges using a barrel rewarded with a price range of 100 to 500 rb. As for the drum is made of teak and cowhide price 500k -10jt. Drum of the barrel in terms of better sound and a loud voice while teak leather weight yet durable.

Harga bedug di tanah abangwho usually used in the mosque typically range up to 5m 3jt this because mosque officials usually choose the drum of wood so that the medium-sized to large. Because of genuine teak wood material can be replaced when Idhul Adha arrived. Sacrificial animal skins dried and mounted on the drum. So it is more cost-effective not have to buy the drum every year or every drum shell is damaged.

Harga bedug di tanah abang venom could also change depending on the smart-smart bargain, but usually perilously close to the feast of the price will soar. Usually the buyers come directly, buy them online. Or order in advance, and merchants offer messages between. But if you do not want to add to the cost of inter-can bring their own vehicles to transport drum that has been purchased.

Harga bedug di tanah abangusually continues to increase every year, it is because teak that are rare and must be brought from outside the island of Java. This is done because of the lack of teak forests in Java as a producer of raw materials, there is also a drum craftsman who switch to another timber such as tamarind wood. The wood has a price below the quality teak wood, which of course makes the drum in land prices cheaper brother.
Although this drum from tamarind wood but also no less resistance to teak. Wooden drum can be ordered with varying sizes for carnival circumference, the drum in land prices brother. School children usually has a length of 1-1.5 meters and a diameter of 1 meter. But there is also a larger book, the size can be ordered according to customer demand. So all sizes can be used to measure the drum, usually to make a drum with. 1 meter diameter drum makers take 5 days with scorching hot weather.
Harga bedug di tanah abangwhile erratic weather usually bullet 1 month to make one drum only. Typically the drum makers began to make stock merchandise recording ahead of time, usually done after making the drum orders throughout the year. So that when Ramadan arrived they did not make an order confusion.
The skin is usually their current stock Sacrifice holiday season arrives, the skin was purchased from places that are conducting a slaughterhouse. There are also leather purchased from slaughterhouses. With dry conditions skins can be stored for years. Quite some time with detergent soak back supple skin and can be used to make the drum. The month of Ramadan is a month full of blessing it is also strongly felt by the craftsmen of the drum in the soil brother. Although the drum in land prices continue to soar brother

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