Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Examples of Body Language - Attract Women With It! by Mark J. Taylor

Women are not fools, they pay attention to everything a man does when they are out on the open market. They educate themselves in everything from examples of body language to the meaning of zodiac signs in an effort to make sure they are ending up with the right man.
Knowing that you are going to have to do the same thing to make sure that you are not going after the wrong woman or giving off the wrong signs that will chase them away. Body language has long been something that people look at when evaluating a person, especially during an initial meeting. These are things we usually don't have control over and are very similar in each person.
A recent commercial for a new television show states that the average person tells at least 3 lies in a 10-minute conversation. It is the ability to read these lies and separate the truth from fiction that is going to be the difference in you landing that beautiful woman across the bar or sending her out the door running.
You may be told here that you are in it for her mind, but if you give off the wrong signals, she will know that your only intention is to get her in the sheets. Knowing this, you need to look for the signs that she gives off that is giving you the green light to pounce! The best sign a woman can give you if she is interested in the hair flick. We love this move and they know it.
There are many reasons behind its supposed purpose, but the bottom line is that we fall for it each and every time.
If you are in a deep conversation with an attractive young lady and she goes for her hair (and not just because it is in her eyes) she is more than likely interested and is looking for you to make a move. If you are getting all the right vibes and she starts delicately nibbling on her lip, move in for the kiss. As men, we find it sexy as hell. As women, they are giving a sign of submissiveness and want to be taken.
This is a move that brings us to our knees wanting to scoop them up and get them in the bed as soon as possible. Control yourself a little bit and take your time, but if she is doing this, the game is over, you have her. Another very positive sign to look for is hand positioning.
For instance, a woman loops her thumbs into her belt loop and lets her hands hang down slightly, in essence, outlining her 'private area'. She is trying to draw your attention to this feature and wants to let you know it is there for the taking. This is about as aggressive as it gets and you are going to have your hands full with this one! There are many more examples of body language to look for but these 3 are some of the top ones. They are the more aggressive and are known to be green lights.
More importantly, any woman doing any of these knows what she wants and is telling you the time is right. Now make your move, you have all the signs you need! If you would like to learn how to master the art of seduction then visit to get your hands on a free report that taught thousands of men proven strategies on how to attract gorgeous girls.
Mark Taylor is an expert on seduction attraction and dating. He has helped thousands of men attract beautiful women and get over their shyness and transform into confident men.

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