Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Test Drive Windows 8

Hello see you again in a quiet Sunday :( Instead of staring mending write aja mengilangkan this loneliness. Sob ..
This time I wrote that little mo nyleneh outside lane design. Ie about Windows 8 for release soon going. Actually ga too nyleneh yes, because if it works cepet appliances, our designs will be increasingly tempestuous and free expression. ** Lebay mode on **: D
After first appearing Windows Vista are considered products fail and exit successor of Windows 7 is considered as a complement, is now prepared to wait a Windows 8 which is claimed to be faster than its predecessor. When booting and hibernating dikalim only takes 8 seconds.

Although still in the pre-beta stage but Windows 8 Metro interface code that has already been tried by the user can be gretongan from 13 September.

There are three ISO format file that is provided on the download page of the official website Miscrosoft, namely Windows Developer Preview with Developer tools (English) 64-bit (x64), Windows Developer Preview (English), 64-bit (x-64) and the Windows Developer Preview (English) 32-bit (x86). For those who want to download please visit directly to the Microsoft download page. There also described the minimum specifications of Windows that must be met.

If we choose the version of the Developer Tools, the user simply biased doing a clean install. And if you choose another version, we can melakukanupgrade of Windows Vista or Windows 7. Once downloaded, we burn the file using a DVD or flash for the next installation.

Because Windows is still in prabeta version then it might be the system remains stable and there are still many kekuranga here. If it was not yet ready to test drive, we wait that reportedly wrote the final version will be released in the first quarter of 2012 as explained Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.
Advantages of Windows 8

Some distinguishing Windows 7 and Windos 8 of them boot up and hibernation process faster, pause feature when copying files, the explorer menu more, mounting ISO files without the need to install software virtual, D display, USB 3 support, IE 10 and Windows Media Center.

Want to try ??! Download it now and do not forget to send feedback to Microsoft if there are suggestions and criticisms so that later on when the final version came out, really become the OS that maknyus, top markotop, gud marsogud and will be a powerful engine to compensate for our brains are super creative. Hehe.

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