Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Refurbished Laboratory Equipment ' an Ideal Solution that Suits Your Budget
Setting up medical laboratories or research facilities with brand new equipment is very expensive. Used laboratory equipment is a perfect solution to reduce initial investment. Search for reliable vendors that can supply refurbished laboratory equipment at excellent prices.
Laboratory equipment which returns to the manufacturer because of order cancellation or damage is labeled as refurbished laboratory equipment. Various types of such equipment of different brands are stocked by laboratory equipment suppliers for sale as secondhand products. Before selling refurbished products, they undergo stringent quality checks and maintenance to restore brand new performance and appearance. Take the advantage of refurbished medical laboratory equipment such as blood gas analyzers, immunology analyzers, hematology analyzers, chemistry analyzers, coagulation analyzers, microscopes, electrolyte analyzers and centrifuges of different brands at affordable pricing.
Reasons to Choose Refurbished Medical Laboratory Equipment
Refurbished medical equipment bought from a certified supplier functions well, and would meet your expectations. Various used or damaged equipment purchased from different sources go through revamping procedures under the supervision of trained and experienced technicians. In this process, all damages are rectified and the products are renovated to original brand specifications. Sometimes non-functional parts are replaced by new spare parts. Then these products are recertified for sale after strict quality check.
Benefits of using refurbished lab equipment include:
' Maximum efficiency just as brand new products ' Inexpensive rates for quality products ' Status of owning top branded products ' Products come with warranty and after sales service
Things to Consider While Buying Refurbished Laboratory Equipment
Evaluate consistency, accuracy and durability of the refurbished medical equipment to ensure full functionality. Used medical laboratory equipment has less market value even though it certified laboratory equipment supplier. You can also demand for proper warranty, after sales service and supply of adequate spare parts. Repair and maintenance support from suppliers also help to restore the good working condition of the lab equipment.
Renowned Laboratory Equipment Supplier Guarantees Quality Products
A business with CCR certified vendors will ensure that you have products that meet every functional requirement. Moreover, such renowned laboratory equipment suppliers will usually have factory trained technicians to do the reconditioning process. You can also take the advantage of excellent prices offered for refurbished products. Other prominent services available are:
' Quick and time bound maintenance ' On-site repair preferences ' Suitable annual maintenance contracts for competitive rates ' Customer support to assure maximum satisfaction ' Comprehensive warranty for products ' Accessibility of appropriate spare parts ' Safe delivery of refurbished equipment
Refurbished laboratory equipment at excellent prices is a great option to modernize medical laboratories and research facilities. A reliable and established medical laboratory equipment supplier offers the best deal that is really worth your investment.

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