Friday, July 10, 2015

Simple Small Living Room Design

To get a living room that looks elegant, graceful and can't organize them in vain. You have to have a concept of before shaping, selecting furniture and place the ornament. This concept is related to the design of your House overall. Concepts like whether you want to use for a minimalist living room design with limited land.

Living Room Design Concept Of Nature
The concept of nature does not mean having to install green colored furniture painted the walls of the room with the actual green color. Natural enough impression of one or two plants green in our living room. for its furniture to please selected which not many styles and if it can be made from natural materials such as wood and rattan.
Although not always green, but not indiscriminate in choosing colors. Natural concepts more precisely with the color of natural soft like beige, Brown, green, and white. When you want a little touch of texture, pour the textured flooring at hardwood or carpet with the texture of natural lines.

Modern Living Room Design Concept
Minimalist living room design from modern concepts could vary more widely. You can choose a simple furniture, such as a square-shaped with medium-size. There need be no rug under the table and in the corner of the room. To garnish, attach only family photos on the back wall. Well, to garnish her table to choose the Green cactus in a pot small square. Because there is no air of this concept, try to make a living-room-sized window without restrictions in order to be able to see the Park.

The Design Concept Of Tropical Living Room
The concept of this tropical House is actually nature conditions in tropical regions sometimes hot and sometimes rainy. The principle, tropical house design created in anticipation of the room temperature is too high by means of elevating the roof and widen the window. Color never too crowded because it would invite the impression of heat. Choose fresh colors such as green, beige, Brown.

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