Thursday, July 2, 2015

Batik Skirts Casual Model

Usually, batik is associated with long skirts worn in conjunction with the kebaya for formal occasions like parties. However, it actually doesn't have to be so. You can wear batik skirt model for casual occasions, such as a hangout, on vacation, or for every day. Batik skirt will bring formal nuance when he paired with superiors like kebaya.
Batik is one fashion item is mandatory and must be entered in the list of collections in your closet. Batik is the pride of the country. Surely it's not funny if you have to wear kebaya and long skirts every day just to show your love towards the cultural heritage of the country. So, you can choose a model long skirts or short skirts batik is designed specifically for the purposes of casual. Here are the options.

Batik Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirt from batik printing is available in many models, such as the long beach-style skirt that you can wear while on holiday on the beach. Feels very casual, especially if you combine it with the appropriate supervisor, such as crop t-shirt, tank top, or sleeveless blouses. Choose a maxi skirt model wrinkle or model stack and complete with flat shoes for your comfort while doing outdoor activities.

Batik Skirts Lilit
Lilit batik skirts worn with tops in the form of kebaya encim. However, with a little modification, you can wear it for casual outings. For example, the additional lace accents on the bottom of the skirt, pair with blouses Tops Sleeveless crop models with cheerful colors, such as yellow, light blue or beige.

Batik peplum skirt
Model skirt peplum also typically worn to a party or to the Office. However, if you choose a different batik skirt peplum model. Batik skirt latest model 2015 this would seem casual thanks to printing. Well, combine with the short t-shirt, tank top, or a short sleeveless blouse. Complete with Hat-style cowboy if will be charged when you have activity outdoors.

Batik Midi Skirt
The midi skirt is indeed present the nuances of casual, especially if made from batik full of color and pattern. Midi skirt short or long batik can be combined with different types of bosses, such as t-shirts, sweaters, or crop the shirt long sleeve. However, try to pick tops polos so you don't look appearance.

Batik Mini Skirt
Teens generally avoid batik because impressed formal and serious. However, have you ever imagined if a minimalist motif batik skirts could be combined with such casual tops t-shirts lace? As in the model the following short, batik skirt feel of adolescents clearly emanated. So, please do not hesitate to complete your collection of batik skirts, because you can wear it on occasion.

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