Thursday, July 9, 2015

Healthy Fruit for Your Health

An apple a day! An ounce of prevention! If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything, right? We all know how to talk the well-being talk, but most of us find it awfully tough to walk the walk. Even as we extol the virtues of good clean living, we are guilty of minor slipups or astonishing acts of self-sabotage that undermine our best-laid plans.

A few of the Ostaff’s confessions, none of which have been exaggerated for comic effect: “I start the day with a smoothie, but at night I stand in front of the fridge eating cheese. Massive bites, straight from the block. And then I wonder why I’m irregular.” “I top my Emergen-C with a shot of vodka. Alcohol kills germs.” “Every week I run 30 minutes and sit 60 hours.” “I wash down my herbal supplements with energy drinks. I need the caffeine! I don’t sleep well.” vitamin untuk ibu hamil trimester pertama

My South Beach Diet book has a fudge smear on the cover.” Welcome to the paradoxical existence of an unhealthy health nut (the operative word being a nut). We want to take care of ourselves, but our good intentions are always having to duke it out with our basest impulses. We guard against superbugs, trans fats, the deathly risks of our stationary desk jobs—wait, there are cinnamon rolls in the conference room? It’s not that a long life isn’t a worthy goal. It’s just that a life without margaritas may last too long.

We fib to hide our transgressions, like a tween who swears she always wears her retainer. Sure, Doctor, plenty of lean meat and leafy greens! (Mostly true.) Spin class, on the regular! (Sort of true.) Guided visualizations for stress relief!  We also lie to ourselves:musik klasik buat ibu hamil

A Cornell University study found that grocery shoppers spent the period from January through March atoning for their holiday sins by purchasing about 20 percent more healthy food. But they forgot to cut back on the fattening food—and wound up buying some 450 additional calories per meal than they had between Thanksgiving and New Years. According to market research, U.S. kitchens stock more Healthy...ish On the pervasive, particularly American practice of obsessing over wellness—as we finish our fourth slice of pizza. quinoa and almond milk than ever; according to the CDC, waistlines in this country have increased by at least an inch over the past 15 years. Maybe the problem is that we conflate awareness of healthy-sounding buzzwords with health itself.

A chorus of voices tells us to load up on antioxidants and steer clear of gluten and then there’s interval training and circuit training and don’t you ever, not ever, get near plastics that contain BPA—and we do as we’re told, thinking, What’s a gluten, anyway? all the way to self-checkout. Is it any surprise that we frequently find ourselves a few yoga poses behind the trends, never sure what’s actually good for us? We asked you to channel all your confusion into our wide-ranging wellness survey, in hopes that we might help you get a few things straight. And boy, did you respond.

You weighed in on weight concerns, lusted after lessons on libido, and craved clarity about your food confusion. (A few bathroom-related quandaries even trickled in.) Then we went in search of answers. The result is a user-friendly, quacky, down-to-earth guide to real well-being. Enjoy it in good health.

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