Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Although Laughter is Considered an Involuntary

I always tell my patients that if we were able to laugh more would eliminate much of our concerns and emotional problems. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of laughter and how we can use it to reduce feelings of sadness and anxiety.
Although laughter is considered an involuntary and spontaneous act, we can create the conditions for even laugh out loud, so if you do not laugh because they do not want to look funny cat videos!

Laughter therapy gives witness to this; It is a discipline that uses exercises and group activities designed to provoke laughter and teach participants the benefits of this practice. Jokes, funny movies, funny gestures, imitations, everyday situations, mistakes or lapses, unexpected departures tone, falls, start laughing forcefully to stop crying of laughter, are some of the tricks or situations that amuse us. And it is that we all like to laugh but why is it so important?

When we laugh a number of changes in our body. At a biochemical level, occurs releasing substances responsible for our well-being, such as endorphins or natural opiates, dopamine levels and stress hormone cortisol or reduced.
At the same time, we are immersed in a sudden state of euphoria completely natural and healthy, but also improve the vital functions of our body:
It improves cardiorespiratory activity, brain oxygenation, pulmonary ventilation and regulates the heartbeat lowering blood pressure.
When we laugh activate much of our muscles, so apart from burning calories, it helps to loosen muscles and feel relaxed.
Our immune system improvement by reducing levels of 'harmful' hormones that weaken us.
Improves gastrointestinal activity on funny animal videos.
These changes reduce anxiety and increase your mood, improve insomnia, activate the body filling it with energy and eliminate the negative thoughts.
We can not forget that man is a social being and expression of emotions plays a role in our relationships. They help us to communicate and encourage interaction. In this sense, when we laugh we are inviting others to do likewise, we inform you that we are in a safe and friendly place. Laugh makes others perceive us in a more positive way.
In conclusion, laughing helps our body to feel better, replacing negative emotions with positive, helps us to relate to others, makes us more fun and engaging socially ... what is the excuse for not doing more?

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